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How To Do Workout Routines At Home For Women When Beginning

Workout routines at home for women has become a way of life mainly because of time constraints.  It is easier because you don’t have to pack your gym bag daily and drive to and from the workout facility wasting gas and time.  It is nice to know that you can workout at your convenience whether it is early in the morning or late in the evening.  You don’t have to worry about the gym being open or the equipment being taken up during the rush periods.  However it is essential that you can be disciplined enough to not procrastinate and put off your working out at home for days a time.  Some people need to be around others when trying get motivated to workout.

It is important to note that the workouts below can be done by anyone whether young or old.  It is important to understand that if you are in your teens you should do only body weight exercises because your body is still growing and you should be mindful of that.

Workout Routines For Beginners

When starting a workout routine for the first time it is important to keep it simple.  Make sure to stretch out properly and loosen up your joints in both your upper and lower body.  This will prevent pulled muscles and aches and pains especially when first starting out.  Your body will take time to adjust to your working out.

The first exercise that is great for beginners is push-ups.  This is a exercise that is great for your whole body.  It however has to be done properly.  When doing push-ups you need to keep your back straight and your neck and head parallel to the ground like the picture below.  You would go up and down in a touching your nose to the sand.  Three to four sets of ten is great when first starting out.  Do this two to three times per week.

The second exercise for beginners is squats.  This exercise is also great for the whole body as well.  When doing squats it is important to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and go down bending your knees to a 90 degree angle and then going back up.  When doing this exercise you can go up and down in a quick manner or you can go up and down slowly.  Sometimes it is good to go up and down slowly because it makes the leg muscles work a little harder.  In the illustration below the ladies are using their own body weight.  You can get a great workout without using weights.  Using your body weight when doing squats can give you a great burn and get you sweating quickly.  Three to four sets two to three times per week when starting is perfect.  The form is the most important part.  The illustration below shows perfect form.

The third great exercise for beginners is sit-ups.  This exercise can be done many different ways and is very successful in getting yourself in shape.  In the illustration below you can see the form used in this exercise.  You do not need a trainer to do this exercise.  You can lay on your back and move your legs straight up and down doing 20 reps for three sets.  Doing this exercise two to three times per week is good starting out.

These exercises illustrated above is a simplistic way to start working out from home.  You do not need equipment.  This workout doing these three exercises done one after the other for three sets of each will make you sweat and that is what you are looking for in a workout.  You want to get a good sweat.  If it is too easy then add a set of each or add reps to each set of the three exercises.

The reason these exercises is a good for starting out is that you are hitting the upper body while doing push ups.  You are hitting the mid section doing crunches or the form of push ups shown above.  Also in doing squats you are hitting the lower body.  Very simple but also very effective.  This is called circuit training when done one after the other.  While doing these exercises one after the other you are building strength and also doing cardio.  This is a great 20 minute workout you can do before or after work.

It is also important to note that the exercises described above is really easy on your joints.  The number one good thing about body weight exercises is that your shoulder joints, knee joints, hip joints will stay injury free in most cases.

If after viewing the above information you feel that you need additional help to achieve your goals I was able to find a system i believe can be helpful.  Please CLICK HERE for details.

Working Out Using Dumbbells

After you have been working out for a month or so and you want to  broaden your workout,  dumbbells are inexpensive to buy and can be used to build strength in each muscle group.  You will not need any additional equipment.

When starting out doing dumbbells it is a good idea to start with light weights.  Even though you are not using much weight it can still build lean muscle if  the exercise is done using good technique.  In the illustration above the exercise being done is shoulder raises.  This is a good exercise for increasing shoulder strength.  When doing this training alternate between your left and right shoulder in a controlled manner.  Three to four sets of this exercise doing 20 repetitions and 10 on each side is paramount when starting out.   If you notice in this picture they are going straight up and down.  That is important because it shows what good form is.

Another great dumbbell exercise is arm curls.  In the picture above you can see not much weight is being used however what is more important is the form.   The form is good and that is what you want.  Alternate one arm and then the other.  Ten to fifteen reps per set is good when first starting out.  Doing three to four sets of this two to three times per week is perfect when beginning a workout regiment.  It is extremely important to isolate the arm and not use your back when doing arm curls.  That is why using light weights or even no weights at all will achieve lean muscle tone if the form is correct.  You will be surprised that after following your this routine for a week  you can feel your arms gaining strength.  If you feel it is too easy then just add more reps per set.

This exercise illustrated above is great for your back, shoulders, and arms.  Now you can use light weight dumbbells or even no weight and just use your arms in a up and down movement.  Make sure to lower the dumbbell straight up and down.  Lower the dumbbell all the way down until your arm is fully extended but make sure to keep your back straight and parallel.  Then you will bring the weight back up until the is up against the side of your chest.  Then repeat this motion doing 10 to 15 reps on each arm.  Three to four sets of this is perfect when first starting.

The import thing to remember when you are beginning a workout regiment is to start slow and use light or no weight.  This will prevent injury.  Nothing is worse than being injured because it keeps you from giving your fullest effort.  Move up in weight gradually.  Working out from home is very effective for those who are committed to following a workout plan on a weekly basis.

Finishing Off A Workout Strong

Whether you are a beginner or have been working out for years you want to finish off a workout positively.  Jump roping is a great way to do this if you have the room in the space where you work out.  This allows you to get a little cardio work in to end the workout.  Doing 2 sets of 50 reps is perfect for finishing of a training session.

Reading through this material is great for showing how to do a routine but sometimes a step by step guide is beneficial to taking you by the hand can help you get results faster than if you had to do it yourself.  I was able to find something that has all the tools necessary to help you build a exercise program with video’s and a workout guide.  Please CLICK HERE for details.

How To Diet When Starting A Workout Routine

One of the main things that happen when you start a workout routine is that you are much more hungry.  This is expected because you are now exercising at least three times per week.  The thing is you are going to want to see results.  This will take a little time but if you stay persistent and dedicated to your workout schedule you will see the changes you are hoping for.

If you do a good workout but then immediately go out with your friends and have a pizza this is probably going to erase any gain you may have had when working out.  If you can eat small meals instead of big ones this is a good angle to take.  Many people swear by this.  Six little meals every day instead of three big ones and not eating after a certain time at night.  I know all of this is easy to say but not easy to do.  There is just certain times at night when you are just too hungry not to resist diving  into the fridge for your  favorite ice cream snack.

Of course we know the good foods to have in the refrigerator.  Salads, fish, chicken, lean red meat, apples, grapes, grain breads, fruits, vegetables  and so on.  However the hard part is trying to prepare these for meals when you are on the run.  How do you do that when you are working eight to ten hours per day?

Cook Meals Ahead Of Time

One way to tackle this is if you are under time constraints then prepare your meals ahead of time and have them in the fridge or freezer and ready to eat.  Sometimes getting the body you want requires sacrifice.  Nothing is easy in life and dieting and working out won’t be either.  It is all dependent on how badly you want to be able to fit into the clothes you used to wear.

Make Slow Changes

Another important tip is to slowly take yourself off of the foods that got you to where you are now.  Incorporate better food choices like vegetables and fruits instead of processed foods high in fat.  You will be able to find healthier choices that you like but you will have to experiment a little to figure out what they are.  This all takes a little time but will be well worth it because you are going to start feeling much better both mentally and physically.

Make Sure You Are Setting Goals That Are Reasonable

Suppose you lose only 10 pounds in a two month span.  Your initial reaction is to think that is not a very good trade off for a better diet and exercise.  However it really is because you are living a healthier lifestyle.  You will definitely feel better and have more energy.  If you keep up with what you are doing and advance in your workouts throughout the first six months to a year you will continually shed pounds and feel better and better.

When trying implement a new workout routine it can be over whelming for anyone.  What is most important besides working out itself is also the diet part of it.  A complete system that has nutrition guide and shopping list to help you buy what you need is available.  CLICK HERE for further details.  This program has a supplement list to help buy supplements that are beneficial to how you look and feel.  By clicking the link above you will be taking the guessing game out of the equation.

Is Sleep Important When Starting A Workout Routine?

Sleep is very important when you are working out regularly.  Especially when you are new to it or have not worked out in a while.  Remember you are building lean muscle  and when you are working out these muscles they need to rest and recover.  They are doing this when you are sleeping.  If possible you should try to get at least seven hours of sleep.  You will notice being a little more tired when you start a workout regiment and the reason why is because your body is adjusting to it’s new routine.

Working Out in Relation To Sleep and Brain Function

It is also important to note that working out makes you sleep better because exercise has a chemical effect on the brain which makes you feel sleepy.  If you do a good workout in the morning (which is the best time to workout) and then go to work for the day.  When you get home that evening you will be ready to eat your meal and then get a good nights sleep.  The sleep you get at night after a workout in the morning will be better than if you did not workout that morning.  The reason is because a morning workout helps your body understand the schedule it is on by keeping it’s internal clock on track.

Working Out In The Evening

However this does not mean you cannot get a workout at night.  Many will say working out any time of day is more important than not working out at all.  Some people are just not morning people.  And that said, if you get that great workout after work,  the same chemical is going to be released in the brain and you will feel sleepy.  For individuals who do not have sleeping issues, they will go to bed that night and sleep fine.  It is the people who have sleep issues that may struggle to sleep well after a solid workout in the evening hours.  That is why it is recommended that you do a low intensity workouts like yoga if working out in the evening before bed.

Hydration In Relation To Working Out

So you think that being hydrated is not important when working out.  Well the truth is that it is beneficial to sustaining a quality workout from start to finish.

When you do not drink an adequate amount of water while sweating through a exercise routine two things are most likely going to happen.  The first is that physically the exercises you are doing are going to feel harder to do than they should.  Second is mentally you are going to start to feel doubt about making it through your routine.  Staying hydrated above all else is extremely important because it can be dangerously damaging to your health if you let your dehydration reach extreme levels.

What We Know About Dehydration?

It is true that between 70 to 75 percent of our muscle mass is water.  Knowing this makes it clear how important it is to drink water not only when working out but also throughout the day.  The thing is it is very hard to know when you are starting to get dehydrated when you are working out at a extreme level.  You may feel fine going through the first three quarters of your workout and then all of sudden feel like you are hitting a wall.  It can come on that fast.  This is why it is important to take breaks and drink some water.

How Much Water Should We Drink Before Exercising?

It is recommended that we should drink two full glasses of water about three hours before working out and another glass fifteen minutes before starting our exercises.  How much to drink during the workout depends on the person.  If you are working out extremely hard and sweat is flying off of you then you will probably need to take a break and drink some water at least once every 15  minutes if your workout is going to be over a hour long.

The important think is to pay attention to yourself and understand that if you are sweating bullets and your towel is soaked you are probably going to need more frequent water breaks.

One thing i need to mention before moving on is that there is such a thing as drinking too much water when working out.  When we don’t drink enough water we get fatigued and start to cramp up.  When we drink too much water you will start to feel sick.  You just have to feel for the sweet spot.

Drinking Electrolytes During And After Working Out

The last thing to remember is that if you know you are going to be doing a long hard workout and sweating up a storm then water alone may not be enough.  Energy drinks with electrolytes may be needed to help your body stay the course.  This is generally when you know you are going to be working out for over a hour and it is going to be a hard workout.

Resistance Bands Training

Resistance band training has become very popular way to train.  The reasons for this are many.

  • First of all, resistance bands are cheaper to buy than dumbbells or free weights in general.
  • Secondly, you can get a very good workout and both toning and building muscle with resistance bands.  Many people would be surprised to know that resistance bands can build muscle if done correctly.  The key to using resistance bands to build muscle is to make sure to use correct form.
  • Thirdly, resistance bands are easy to pack.  No matter where you are.  At home, on the road traveling for your job, or on vacation in a remote part of the world.  Resistance bands are easy to take with you and use to get a great workout.
  • Lastly, resistance bands are easier on your joints compared to using free weights.  As you get older this becomes more of a issue than when you are young.  As your body gains miles from working out you start to feel more aches and pains.

In the illustration above the exercise being performed is a shoulder exercise.  They are lifting the bands straight up and down above their head.  They can also use the bands to do squats, and arm curls as well.  Doing shoulder raises you can do 3 sets of 10.  For the squats do 3 sets of 12 to 15 and for the arm curls 3 sets of 10 to 15.  If the exercises are to easy you can add a set or increase the amount of reps or do both more sets and more reps to increase your workout.

Circuit Training

If desired you could do  circuit training and do each exercise one after the other.  This would allow you to both muscle build and do cardio at the same time getting two benefits in one.  When circuit training you would do in what order you wish arm curls then rest 15 seconds, shoulder raises then rest 15 seconds, the squats then rest 15 seconds.  When this is completed you would do the process two more times then finish with doing a core exercise (some sort of sit-up).  So in all you would do three sets.  This would take you no more than twenty to thirty minutes tops and be a great way to burn calories whether at home, in the park, on vacation, or traveling for your job.

Resistance bands come in different colors.  The lighter color bands are the least resistant while the darker color bands are more resistant which would mean your workout will be more harder to do.

Working Out Using A Medicine Ball

The great thing about medicine balls in relation to workouts is that it breaths life into your routine when it has started to get stagnant.  It is such a good exercise tool to have because it can  workout every muscle group in your body.  By the way, did i forget to mention that it will give you a great workout and have you sweating in little time.

In the illustration above you can see squats being performed while holding the medicine ball.  Every muscle group in this exercise is being used.  When doing squats with a medicine ball 3 sets of 10 will probably be more than enough when first starting out.

It is also great for your coordination and balance.  You can get different weight medicine balls ranging from 1 to 10 kilos.  It is best to start with a weight you can manage and move up gradually.  The medicine ball is a great fitness product and can be used several different ways.

It is a great workout for your abs.  You can do so many exercises for your core using a medicine ball.  As you can see in the above photo the exercise being performed is hitting the muscle groups in your core region.  She is taking the medicine ball back and forth from one side to the other while holding her legs up off the ground.  It will not take many reps of these to start feeling the strain.  Three sets of 10 to 15 reps will be more than enough when first starting out.

Another great exercise is to lie on your back holding the medicine ball straight above your head with your arms extended.  Move the medicine ball back behind you and then back in front of you sitting up like you are trying to touch your toes.  Not only are you hitting your stomach muscles but also your arms and shoulders.

Overall the workout your body will get from a medicine ball is really good.  You will be sore the next day because you will hit muscles you did not know you had.  The important thing is to use a light weight ball when starting maybe 1 or 2 kilos.  If you are wondering how many pounds is 1 kilo i had to look it up myself.  Two kilo’s is about 1 pound.  Medicine balls range in weight between 1 and 10 kilo’s.  So a 10 kilo ball would be roughly 5 pounds which does not sound like a lot but when first starting out or doing exercises you are not used to will make you more tired than you might think possible.

Is Yoga A Good Idea?

When we hear the word yoga we initially think of someone sitting in a crouched position meditating.  However yoga has many different levels of training.  Many of which are designed to give you both a cardio and strength workout that will leave you sweating profusely by the end of a session.

If you have decided to incorporate yoga into your workout routine there are many different styles and methods to choose from.  Finding the right one to include should be one that meets your fitness goals, meaning are you more into toning your body and building muscle or more into the cardio side of training?  It is definitely possible to do both.

When doing yoga in relation to a cardio workout two main things will be achieved.

  1. You will see a rise in your heart rate
  2. You are using all your major muscle groups

This is a really good thing because you are making your heart stronger and also getting a really good sweat which is what you want.

Cardio and Strength Training Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is popular because it allow for a creative form of activity.  If you were to take a Vinyasa class the exercises you would perform would depend on the instructor teaching the class.  This form of yoga is free flowing .  When doing Vinyasa yoga you are combining both cardio and strength training.  It is a faster paced yoga class that has a poses that are repeated many times throughout the class.

Strength Training Yoga

When doing yoga in relation to strength training the following will occur.

  1. You will tone and strengthen your muscles.
  2. You will eliminate body fat.

In the above illustration you can see the exercise being performed is very similar to a push up.   Her arms are tight against her sides.  She is holding this pose for a extended period of time.  This is strengthening her abs, arms, and leg muscles.  This exercise is very hard to do.  You have to have a strong upper body to do this.  You can see how putting this type of activity into your routine can be beneficial to your over all growth.

If you are trying to build muscle then a Hatha Yoga class is one you should consider.  It is a slower paced class that teaches strength building poses.  Once you are able to get familiar with Hatha principles will start to feel your muscles getting leaner and stronger.  Many of the same poses are done in either a Hatha yoga class or a Vinyasa yoga class with the main difference being the hatha class will be done at a much slower rate of speed.

It will take you time to get used to doing the poses no matter what type of yoga you choose.  Once your body starts to get used to the poses however you will see positive results.  Here is a list what you can expect if you practice yoga on a regular basis.

  1. Increases muscle tone and strength while making sure your flexibility is long and limber.
  2. Helps to improve the sport that you play and reduce injury while increasing your energy level.
  3. Your sleeping pattern will be better while reducing anxiety and depression issues if you have them.
  4. If you have pain that never seams to go away yoga will help to relieve it and also help improve your posture.
  5. You will notice your mood being in a better place.

Working Out For Life

The important thing to remember when training whether you are new to it or a seasoned pro is to understand your body.   You don’t want to sustain injuries.  That can knock you off your feet and keep you from maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Every now and then things get stagnant.  If you are working out at home and want a change then a simple solution is to change locations in the house.  Find a different spot.  Even turn on a TV and watch while working out if you can keep your intensity.  Change your music station or sports radio show.  Just a simple little change can re spark your energy to work out at the high level your accustomed to.  The important thing to remember is not to quite.  Change up the routine to keep moving forward.

It is really important to note that whatever workout routine at home you decide to do make sure to do it on a regular basis.  Write down a schedule and follow it.  At first it may be hard because you are having to adjust to something new. However over time it is going to be worth your sacrifice.

What If I Need Step By Step Instruction

After going through the above information on how to workout at home if you still feel like you may need additional step by step instruction i found one program that may help you.  If you are going on a vacation to a tropical climate in a couple of months and want to get in shape then their is a program that can help you further.  CLICK HERE for details.  If you are not going anywhere but still want to just get in better shape but need to be held by the hand so to speak then please read below.

The program is called the Bikini Body Workout and has been around for a while.  This is how you know a good program.  It stands the test of time.  This program does that.  So the question you may be asking is why has it been so successful?

Related image

Well first of all the person who started Bikini Body Workouts is Jen Ferrugia.  She is a former softball player and has a bachelor of science degree in exercise management which means she understands how to conduct a great workout regiment that gets results.

What i liked above anything else about the program is the simplistic sustainable approach taken.  There is no wasted time when doing the routines.  Everybody is busy in there lives so when taking time to workout you want to do the best exercises to get the results you want.

You are able to do this program either in the gym or at home.  If doing from home you will need only to buy one set of dumbbells, a set of resistance bands, and a box or bench.

Image result for bikini body workouts free pictures

Another thing i liked about Bikini Body Workouts is the exercise videos.  There are 50 exercise videos in the members area.  I like this because you do not have to guess how to do a exercise.  She illustrates it right on the video.  You can keep rewinding it if you want to make sure you are doing everything correctly.

This is greatly important because you don’t want to get injured and have to take off time to heal.  While she is working out she is giving good tips so this won’t happen.

It is also important to note that she includes a nutritional guide on what to eat and when to eat it.  This is important to understand because working out and getting the body you want requires both training and nutrition.  With this program you are not guessing on what to eat and when to eat it for the best results.

Image result for bikini body workouts free pictures

Within the program is a grocery list on what to buy at the store.  Again i like this very much because i personally have trouble trying to pick out peanut butter.  This system leaves nothing to guess.

Within the program is a supplement guide for buying multi vitamins, fish oil and other products to strengthen your body.

What this really boils down to is great value for the cost.  The bikini body workout program is only 29.99.  I looked at other programs and they were all in the 50 to 60 dollar range with not as much training guidance.

Jen Ferrugia is so confident you will benefit from this course that she offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Honestly i liked this workout system because of what i said above.  I did not find any negative reviews about this product.  Because of that i give it two thumbs up.  If you want to buy this product you can click here.

Thank you for taking time to read this article.





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