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Bikini Body Workouts Review: Is This Program Right For You?

When trying to find the right workout program, it would be so nice if you could just wave a wand and have exactly what you need at your fingertips.  With all the different types of programs available it is very hard to find the right one.

One way to tell if a workout program is legitimate is if it has been around for a while and has positive reviews built up.  This is where Bikini Body Workouts come in.  It has been around for a while now and has piled up a great deal of women of all ages that have tried and been successful in losing weight with this program.  At the end of the day that is what you like to see when contemplating what exercise program to go with when making a decision.

What Is Bikini Body Workouts?

Bikini Body Workouts is a complete system designed for women of all ages to help them get their figure back.  It is a 12 week course.  You workout 4 times per week for approximately 45 minutes.
If you are a beginner who is new to working out that is not a problem.  It is user friendly for women who are new to working out.  The program has illustrations and videos to help to make your transformation to working out easy.
If you are a person who has worked out in the past but had to take time off for different reasons then this product can help you get back in shape.
There is so much value you get for this program.  There is no add on items.  Everything is included for one price.  Many other programs i looked at this was not the case.

Who Is The Founder Of Bikini Body Workouts?

The person who started this workout program is Jen Ferruggia.  She is a former softball player who has a bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Movement.
During her freshman year of college Jen gained quite a bit of weight.  This led to her putting together a system where she lost the weight.  That system is Bikini Body Workouts.  She still uses it to this day for her daily workouts.
It was fine tuned over the years after college as she increased her knowledge while being a exercise trainer to many clients.  Bikini Body Workouts is as complete of a women’s workout system as you are going to see.

What Is Included In The Bikini Body Workouts Program?

  • Workout Guide  – Shows many different exercises that are completed at the gym.   With all the different machines and equipment available it is important to have a detailed list of which equipment to use.
  • Nutrition Guide – This is not calorie counting.   Eating delicious foods while burning fat is what is going to happen.  Being shown what to eat and when.
  • Supplement List – Supplements are important because it will help to increase strength during your training cycle.  This program will show which supplements to purchase.
  • Workout Home Guide – Shows exercises that are mainly body weight exercises.  You will have to purchase some basic equipment.  However you can modify if you are away on travel to be able to workout in your room.
  • Shopping List – Gives you in detail what to buy when starting this 12 week exercise training schedule.  Important because it is one less thing to have to think about.  Diet is a big part of the process when starting a exercise routine.  In many other workout programs i saw this was not given for free.
  • Online Exercise Videos – Over 50 videos in the members area.  By watching you will be able to see precisely how to do each exercise so you do it correctly to avoid injury.
  • 21 Day Booty Blast – Shows which exercises to do to get the back end you want.  This a intense ten minute workout to tighten up.

Pros and Cons


  1. Easy to follow the workout exercise formula.  No second guessing required.  You are walked through each exercise you are completing that day.  This avoids injury and allows for maximum results quickly.
  2. You can access the workout program while traveling with your mobile devise.  There are over 50 videos to watch and get instructions from.
  3. For the price of this product you get a lot in return.  Only $29.99.  Most programs charge for a nutrition guide and also charge for a shopping list.  Plus i did not see any other programs that had a supplement list.
  4. 100 percent money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with this product and do not see any results you will be able to get your money back.  You have 60 days to do so.
  5. The person behind this system is thoroughly qualified.  Jen Ferruggia has both book smarts with her degree in Exercise Movement and also street smarts so to speak building up a substantial client list as a personal trainer.


  1. The only negative and i am being nit picky with this is that you do have to pay for equipment if working out from home.  There is minimal equipment needed however.  All that is needed is a set of dumbbells, foam roller, bench, and resistance bands.

Is Bikini Body Workouts Worth The Investment?

Without question this system is worth the money.  If you are dedicated and follow guidelines you will see results.  Everything is laid out for you to be successful.  A diet plan to follow.  A shopping list to help with any indecision.  Illustrated workouts in video format or a guidebook for home or at the gym.
At the end of the day what you want from a program is to get you a good sweat.  When this happens you feel good about yourself.  You feel more alert and focused.  This program will deliver the means for you to achieve this.  However it will not if you don’t have the desire.  You have to bring it as well to see results.
For the price of $29.99 you get a system that can transform your body.  There is no waiting for the mail to receive this item.  The minute a purchase is made you are able to view and use right with workout pdfs on them.
If you would like to view this product please click here.
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