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Vert Shock Review 2020 – Does It Really Work?

I remember between the age of about ten until i was eighteen working out everyday doing different exercises to become a better basketball player.  One of the things i definitely worked on was my vertical jump.  I still remember having a weight jacket and jumping rope with it on and doing 500 jumps after doing shooting and dribbling exercises.  No matter what i did it really never worked.  I really wish this program would have been around when i was playing serious basketball.


If you are an athlete of any kind, chances are that you have worked hard to develop your leg strength and vertical jump abilities. Having the explosive power in the legs to leap to new heights is important in any sport, whether it be basketball, volleyball, or track and field events. That is why many athletes, of all ages, will spend thousands of hours practicing and developing their vertical jump.

Although, unfortunately for many, developing the vertical jump seems like fighting an uphill battle. It can feel like fighting against the tide when trying to gain even a single inch higher on your vertical jump. That, precisely, is what Vert Shock is for.

Vert Shock is a program that is specifically designed to add not one, not two, but multiple inches to your vertical jump in as little as 8 weeks. In fact, in some cases individuals have even recorded 9+ inch increases to their vertical jump. I know, I Know, it sounds too good to be true. In this day and age of ‘quick and rapid results’, it’s easy to become a skeptic towards these types of programs. Especially if the program is making such outstanding claims as Vert Shock is making.

So, with all of that being said, is Vert Shock for real? How does it work, and is it worth it? Well, let’s talk about that!

What Is Vert Shock?

To understand fully what Vert Shock is, we should probably take a few moments to discuss how Vert Shock came to be. A little background helps establish the credibility of the program, after all. The program itself was invented by two highly decorated Basketball stars in their own right. Adam Folker is a professional basketball player, and founder of the Folker System. Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington is a world class award-winning professional basketball dunker. I would say those two bring to the table quite a credible backing.

The system was developed in order to train the body to not only increase vertical jump height, but to do it in a more safe and efficient way. Where most vertical jump workouts focus on higher repetitions, Vert Shock focuses on reaching the maximum potential every time. The program is based around high-intensity plyometrics, and is designed to train your ‘fast-twitch muscles’ in order to use them to create rapid and explosive muscle power. Instead of jumping over and over 1,000 times, you will focus on quality over quantity. You will train to maximize each jump’s potential, rather than simply jumping a lot.


The program comes in the form of 35+ HD 1080p DVD’s that cover the wide range of the program’s offerings. The program is broken down into 3 phases; Pre-Shock Phase, Shock Phase, and Post-Shock Phase. These are specifically designed groupings to condition your body, train your body, and build muscle memory in your body for perfect and consistent high vertical jumps every time. This whole process, when done regularly, takes about 8 weeks. The program is designed on a 5 day a week basis. This means that to reach the full potential, users have to commit to 5 workouts a week for 8 weeks solid. Anything less, and the results won’t be their best. However, if you are fully committed, by the end of this period you should have added a significant amount to your base vertical jump height.

Is Vert Shock The Real Deal?

A simple Google search into ‘Vert Shock’ is likely to yield an amazing amount of positive testimonials. That alone is rather intriguing. By simply searching Vert Shock on Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook it is pretty easy to find thousands of posts from real-life users who are singing its praises. But, for those who are skeptics-at-heart, that may not be enough to convince you. So let’s talk a bit more about what makes Vert Shock the ‘real deal’.

Unfortunately far too many ‘workout programs’ try to sell you on concepts that really have no scientific backing. Vert Shock is NOT one of those programs. The reason Vert Shock can be considered the real deal, is because it is based on long known and simple biological principles. It focuses on training the Type II B muscle fibers, or ‘fast-twitch muscles’, and how to best utilize them. So instead of focusing on strength conditioning alone, it focuses on fine tuning the action and reaction of the muscles. Not just making them bigger and stronger.

This concept is not a new invention, however it’s implementation is new. That’s what makes Vert Shock such an effective system. It uses known muscle training techniques in a brand new way, and teaches your muscles how to operate in a way you never expected. Simply put, Vert Shock is the real deal. Decades of compiled research proves it.

Who Is Vert Shock Designed For?

Vert Shock is perfect for very nearly anyone. Now seriously, I mean that. If you are over the age of 12, and play any sport you are guaranteed to benefit from the results of Vert Shock. Although the program was designed by basketball players, it isn’t just for basketball. As I mentioned before, volleyball players, track and field athletes, football players, literally any sport that requires fine-tuned use of the fast-twitch muscles can benefit. Vert Jump will help you become a better athlete, period.

What Is The Cost?

Once you’ve decided to jump in (pun intended) you probably want to know what the cost is. That’s only fair, right? Well the entire program can be had for a one-time purchase of $67 on the Vert Shock Website. That’s a pretty incredible value. It even comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. That means if you haven’t seen the vertical jump improvement that was promised to you by the end of the program, you get your money back. That’s an incredible value if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

Professional athletes will spend thousands and thousands of dollars on training in order to increase their vertical jump height and strength. The programs that these professionals use require intense training regimens, expensive gym equipment, and expert personal trainers. Vert Shock gets you results efficiently, without the use of any gym or expensive equipment necessary, and from the comfort of your own home. All for less than the average price of a gym membership over that same time frame.

If you are an athlete who seriously wants to reach the next level in performance, Vert Shock is a no brainer. So what are you waiting for?! Don’t take my work for it, go try it out! There’s no risk, and I think you’ll be amazed by your results.

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