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What Is The Best Vertical Jump Program For Dunking In 2020?

With all the vertical jump programs at your disposal claiming to increase your jump by as much as 15 inches it is hard to determine which one is worth your hard earned money and which ones are not.  On top of that with all the internet having all kinds of testimonials it makes it even harder to sift through all the hype and figure out which ones are legitimate and truly will work.  So this article is going to help and determine what is the best vertical jump program.

What Was My Jump Training Odyssey?

Now even though this seems so difficult and dizzying i must admit that i wish this type of information was available when i was in my mid teens to mid twenties.  You see when i was playing basketball everyday and trying to improve my game in the late 70’s and early 80’s there was really nothing out there.  And there sure was not a platform like the internet at my disposal to get the latest info to make a educated decision on what vertical jump program to purchase.

I remember myself being 12 or 13 years old playing basketball everyday in my driveway in the off season trying to figure ways to not only jump higher but also work on ball handling, shooting, and agility.  Now when it came to jumping higher i can really only remember doing one exercise.

Jumping Rope With Weighted Jacket

When i entered high school i believe my vertical when i was in that age area was about 18 to 20 inches tops.  And it never really got any better no matter what i tried.  The only exercise i did was jump rope with a weighted jacket.  The jacket had about 30 pounds of bead sacks built into the jacket.  At the end of every workout i did i would jump 500 ropes with the jacket on.  I would mix in doing one legged jumps on each leg as well.  I am not sure if this even qualifies as a vertical jump exercise.

Now we did have after school preseason conditioning where we did some weight training, agility drills, and running.  I tell you when you we were done with those workouts in the preseason you were tired.  The reason why i mention this is that we did do squats and jump back and forth over a three or four foot bench for 30 seconds to a minute.  I think that qualifies for some sort of vertical jump training.

However that is it for me though for trying to increase my vertical.  I spend most of my basketball workouts shooting and working on ball handling.

What Are The Best Vertical Jump Programs?

‘Because everyone is built differently, a vertical jump program that gives me the best results does not mean it will give you the best results.  That is why it is important to do the research necessary to make sure you are buying the best product for yourself.

Having said that there is a couple of vertical jump programs that stand out from the rest.  Below we will go over a couple of the best ones that give results if you put in the effort.

1. Vert Shock

No Gym Required To Use This Program

This program is the best on the market for several different reasons.  The number one reason is that you will not need to get a gym membership to use this program.  The workouts are completed without using weights.  I personally think men and women in there teens should not be lifting heavy weights.  I know the experts say you can do so without injury to your joints and tendons.  However i am old school and believe that while you are still growing it is vital to let your body develop naturally.

Who Started Vert Shock?

Vert Shock was created by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington.  In 2014 they put together this program and it took off right from the start.  Over the last five plus years it has created many dunkers who have testimonials to prove it.  What has made this vertical jump program so successful?

Adam Folker grew up in Canada and played college basketball at University Of California Irvine.  He openly talks about being a high school player and sitting the bench early on.  This experience led him to creating this program with the help of Justin Darlington who is considered the best dunker in the world after winning numerous dunking titles around the world.

Why is Vert Shock Better Than The Rest?

Because it is one of the newer vertical jump programs available it uses much more modern methods to vertical jump training.  With all the testimonials and results from this system it is easy to see why it is considered the best out there.

Elastic Fiber Development

The main component to increasing your vertical jump is through elastic fiber training exercises.  Elastic fibers are bundles of tissue found in cells within your arteries.  With three to four main arteries in the legs and the training used is to strengthen these fibers.

These fiber in your legs can be stretched up to 1.5 times there length.  Without getting to technical think these fibers are like rubber bands.  When you bend your legs tension builds up and when you extend them it releases.  That is why elastic fiber development is the best way to increase your vertical jump.  The fast twitch fiber muscles are what is developed in this program.

What Training Methods Does Vert Shock Use?


The Vert Shock program uses plyometric training to increase your elastic fiber development.  Plyometric training is simply aerobic exercises that are used to increase your speed, endurance, and strength.

The great thing about plyometric training is you are using your own body weight to do the exercises without having to use barbells or dumbbells.

Like it states on the website you don’t play basketball with dumbbells or ankle weights attached to you.  This program is designed to give you results based on making your elastic fibers in your legs stronger.  Stronger fibers will mean more tension which will mean a higher vertical.

However do not be led to believe this is going to be an easy experience.  Just because weights are not used this is a very intense vertical jump training program.  Click here to see my full review.


2. The Jump Manuel

Even though this vertical jump program has been around for a while it still has great value.  It was developed in 2007 by a person named Jacob Hiller.  Like many of us he himself was not born with a natural athletic gifts when it came to jumping.  In high school his vertical was around 19 inches.  Going through a period of ups and downs trying to increase his vertical Jacob did reach 29 inches which to me seems pretty good but to him it was not.

Going back to the drawing board once more Jacob finally through theory principles came up with the right structure to bring his vertical to over 40 inches.  The jump manual is derived from these concepts and he has helped over 100,00 athletes worldwide increase their vertical jump.

What Is Included In The Jump Manual?

Jacob Hiller has constantly been updating this system to keep it relevant.  Within this system everything is tested and proven.  Even though Jacob started out with a theory it has been modified with scientific research.

The Max Explosion Workout

This is the exact workout that has been used by athletes all over the world to increase there vertical jump by 10 to 20 inches.  Within this system Jacob truly believes a athlete can reach a vertical jump of over 40 inches because of his scientific research.  Now i know this can seem like a far fetched conclusion but in this case I am a believer and not just because of all the tutorials backing up this claim.

Jacob Hiller is one of the few coaches in the world who specialize in vertical jump training.  With over 15 years of experience under his belt and thousands of he has trained he is one you might want to learn from.

Exclusive Exercise Video Library

Each exercise is available for you to view once you purchase the program.  The video’s are high quality so you know precisely how to do each exercise properly.  It is important to do the exercises with strict form to not only get the most out of training but to also avoid injury.

For those who do not have a weight room to go to there is also video’s available for non weightlifting exercises compatible for the program.

Nutrition Plan

I really like this about his program.  It includes a outline of good foods to eat while trying not only to become a better vertical jumper but also a better athlete overall.  Nutrition plays a very important role in that and Jacob Hiller brings importance to this issue of nutrition and better overall performance going hand in hand.

Overall Thoughts

This is as complete of a vertical jump training system as you will find.  Jacob Hiller has taken this program and continued to advance it over time as new scientific research comes about.  If he had done nothing since 2007 we probably would not be talking about his program right now.

For me personally i would probably use his plan for me because i am older and this program is more drawn out over a longer period of time.  There is a great deal of quality material here for one to use and learn from and get results.

If you would like to view The Jump Manual please click here.

Vert Shock or The Jump Manual?

These are for sure the best two vertical jump training programs to date.  The question is which one is best for you?  One of the main difference between the two is that Vert Shock is a 8 week program and The Jump Manual is a 12 week program.

You will see faster results with Vert Shock however that comes with a asterisk.  Because it is quicker program you will be doing intense training quickly.  If you are a person with sore ankles or knees you will want to be sure to be in good shape from the beginning.

On the other hand if you are not in the greatest shape from the start then the jump manual may be a better option.  It gradually works up the intensity on the training giving more time to recover before moving forward.

Which ever one you choose you will have to give complete 100 percent effort and commitment to get the results you want.  Nothing will come easy either way.  The groundwork is there for you to take advantage and both programs will deliver results.

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