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Bikini Body Workouts vs Training With Tana

With spring here and summer just around the corner it is time to start thinking about getting out our summer clothes out and determining if they still fit from the last time we wore them.  Whether you are a male or female this can be a painful experience if you have not had the best diet or the last several months or just did not workout with the gusto you did leading up to the new year.  Either way you may have a little work to do to get those shorts or beach apparel to fit properly and look good doing it.   

Even though we are unable to workout at the gym at this time due to the corona virus the good news about these two programs is that you can perform the training workouts at home and get great results doing it. Below we will look at both Bikini Body Workouts and Training with Tana to see what each program can offer women to get the best results possible while being isolated inside our homes for the time being.  

While many women are having to work their day job from home because of corona virus pandemic, a whole new set of worries and anxieties has risen.  Anytime ones life gets turned sideways it is important to try and keep things as normal as possible.  Working out can relieve stress and keep your saneness in check for the time being.  

Even if you have to shorten your workouts because of kids being home from school as shorter workout is better than nothing.  Both of this workout programs can be modified and shortened and you can still see resutls.  

Bikini Body Workouts By Jen Ferruggia $29.99

This is a straight forward program Jen Ferruggia started working on while in college.  A former softball player who gradated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Excise Movement, she has been able to show thousands of women a correct way to get fit and feel good doing it.  

While in college her freshman year she was not doing things the right way due to partying.  She gained weight and did not feel good about herself.  With hard work and determination she changed her habits and came up with this program as a result.  

The great thing about this program is that it is not a diet regimented system where you will be counting calories and eating salads for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Jen wants to take the body you have and make it sexy, strong, and beautiful.  The foods you eat will be geared toward making this happen.  I repeat there is not going to be calorie counting with this program.

Nutrition Plan Bikini Body Workouts

In complete honesty the only way to have a successful workout program to follow is only if it comes with a equally helpful nutrition program.  The Bikini Body Workout program has one.  The important thing to remember is that no matter how hard you workout and follow a exercise regiment, if you do not pay attention to your diet you will not have the success you are looking for.  They are both equally important to your seeing results.  

As i stated above you will not feel like you are dieting with this program.  You will not be counting calories.  What you will be doing is eating foods that are rich in burning fat and giving you the energy you need to complete your workouts in a manner to see the results you are looking for.

Bikini Body Workouts Shopping List

A shopping list is designed to help you find the ingredients necessary to help you prepare the dishes in a nutritious manner.  If you are like me and find it difficult to navigate your way through a Walmart, Publix, or Kroger then this should be a big help.  It is also important to note here that if you are crunched for time this program comes with a cheat meal plan which are quick and easy to make.  

Advantages of the Bikini Body Workout Program

  • Easy to follow exercises performed by Jen Ferruggia herself showing you the correct way to do each exercise so you will achieve maximum results and avoid injury.
  • The nutrition plan included with this program ensures you will not walk around hungry wondering how you are going to be able sustain doing this workout regiment for any length of time.
  • With over 50 videos in the members library you will not be short of instruction on what type of exercises you will be doing each day.
  • Workouts are short and precise.  This program gives you exercises for each muscle group designed to give you results quickly.
  • Can be performed by both me and women with instruction for both home and gym training.
  • The most important fact about this program is that it will help you rebuild your self esteem and give you confidence you may have sacrificed when not being able to fully give yourself the attention you deserved because of family constraints and working full time.
  • This system is has online instructional videos but also includes much more than just that.
  • Step by Step Workout Guide
  • Nutritional Guide
  • Shopping List
  • Supplement List
  • 60 day money back guarantee 

Training With Tana Cogan

Before Tana became a famous fitness instagram sensation her mother would take her to the gym every morning.  Tana was 13 at the time and at first really did not like having to go along.  After a while however she started to crave weight training and never really looked back after that point.

Tana’s first brush with potential came while working at a Don Drysdale gym as a receptionist.  He saw the potential in her and from there doors started to open up.  

But it has not been always easy for Tana.  She has had trials and tribulations like everyone else who aspires to be great at something.  She has vividly talked about being on up and down cycle of weight gain and how depressing the feeling was.

Getting through this she has come full circle and has over 1.2 million followers and counting.  Feeling strong and confident about herself she has a great workout program that we are going to discuss right now.

The Foundation Program $157.00

Tana Cogan’s signature program is loaded with goodies.  It has everything you need to be successful.  You will be motivated.  You will see results and you will be guided in a manner which will allow you to grow with the exercise routines.  What i am trying to say is that exercises are easy to follow and whoever is doing them will feel confident in doing them no matter if they are at home or at the gym.

Advantages Of The Foundation Program

  • The training program can be performed either at the gym or at home.  This is beneficial because you can get results either way.  As you start to see results and want to increase the weight of your workout equipment you may have to go to a gym full time 
  • A custom cardio plan ensures you are getting your heart rate up for maximum fitness to go along with your weight training.  
  • The nutrition program that comes along with this program is not a strict diet.  You will be able to eat the foods you enjoy.  
  • Tana herself will be dealing with you regarding questions, concerns, or feedback you have as you work through he program.  This will be accomplished through email support.
  • It does not matter where you are located in the world.  Tana being a online trainer can help you become more confident and give you the results you want.  
  • Tana does weekly check-ins to make sure you stay motivated and are satisfied with the program.
  • The training and nutrition program will be designed for you only based on what your desires are.
  • The workouts are generally full body because these type of workouts will burn more calories and give you a lean body.  I agree with this way of thinking and practice these same principles myself.  
  • Tana is constantly changing the routines to make sure you do not get bored.  She is also constantly tweaking the diet plan with different food choices.

Disadvantages of the Foundation Program

  • This program is only able to be viewed if you have internet access.  If you do not then you will not be able to access the online platform.  
  • When looking through Tana’s blog i noticed that it was extra $27 to $47 dollars per month to access her Booty Building Cardio program.  If you pay for her signature program why should this not be included.  She also asks you to pay a extra $17 dollars for a 21 day recipe guide.  

Which is the Better Program?

While both programs offer a good platform for getting in shape and giving good instruction on how to do so.  Bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia gives greater value because of it’s price tag of only $29.99 with a 60 day money back guarantee. You simply cannot do better than this.  This program has been around since 2013 and it keeps on rolling because it’s content is superior to all others out there.  With all the essential online video instruction with over 50 workouts to watch by Jen Ferruggia herself you will be able to see the path necessary to get results you want.  

The Bikini Body Workout Guide is very authentic and uses principles of weight training that will help you burn fat and get a toned body so you will be confident and sexy.  Male or female can use this program.  The proof is in the pudding so to speak.  A workout system that has been around this long must be a solid product or it would not still be relevant.  

Testimonials of the Bikini Body Workout Program

With this program you will get the results you are looking for if you follow the instructions that Jen Ferruggia provides in the Bikini Body Guide program.  There is no magic formula but hard work, determination, and sticking to following her proven program.  The road map is there for you once you purchase the system.  When you get the hang of what to do and start to feel comfortable in the training methods you can start to experiment and build your own set of exercises and workout days.  

There are so many testimonials of how the Bikini Body Workout Program changed the lives of a great deal of women all over the world.  If you want to make a change in not only your physical being but your emotional one as well then take a good look at this program.  If you would like to view my full review of Bikini Body Workouts please click here.

 If you would like to view this product please click here.

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