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Jenn Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts or Brittany Perille Yobe’s Resistance Band Program

Summer is not far away and it’s time to look at two programs that are bound to get some attention.  All men and women want to have a good build when going to the beach or to outdoor activities that summer hot weather brings.  There are many workout programs to choose from when trying to determine which is best for you.  I am not going to be against one program or the other because both have great value. 

How To Get In Beach Shape

Getting in swimsuit shape can be very difficult if you have taken time off during the winter months.  The key is finding the right balance of exercise training and diet to get the results you want in a timely manner.  As far as training goes there are many ways to train and get a great workout in as quick as 45 minutes.  The important thing to remember is to use good form when doing weight training.  Not only will you see a stronger body for doing so but you will avoid injury as well. 
One of the best ways to get results quickly is doing a cycle of exercises one after the other in certain amount of time with short rests in between .  This type of training will allow you to do a 30 minute workout with time to stretch before you start and cool down after.  This will also burn the most calories and allow you to exercise multiple muscle groups burn more fat and calories than isolating muscle groups.  This is the way i have trained for a long time and it has kept me in very good shape. 
Diet is equally important to getting results but for some is harder to execute when starting a exercise routine.  Myself for one has trouble with diet and i have had to learn healthy foods to eat before i train or different meals to prepare in and around my daily life.  A good workout program will include a meal plan for you to follow and guide you when buying a training system.  
That is why in all of the articles i have written that it is important to follow a workout program that has a proven track record.  The reason being is that if you are going to spend the time and money you want to see results. Whether you are a younger women or a older women over 40 these programs will work equally well.

Take a look at these two programs side by side to see how each one compares to each other

Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts Program

Brittany Perille Yobe's Resistance Band Program

Jen Ferruggia Facts

Brittany Perille Facts

Jen Ferruggia is a former standout Softball player with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise movement.  this program was put in motion her freshman year.  Not feeling good about herself after gaining weight because of having too much of a good time she decided to prioritize her time more efficiently and develop a workout routine that was short but effective.  
After college Jen was a exercise trainer to many influential people and continued to learn more about training and fitness.  Bikini body workouts was put all together at this time and has been around for almost ten years.  
Over this time Jen Ferruggia has helped thousands of  women reach their goals and see results.  With hard work and determination women becoming more confident and wearing beach apparel with pride and appreciation for the training Jen provides in this workout program.  
Brittney Perille graduated from college from the University of Santa Barbara and knew that career in the fitness industry was her mission.  After intense research she found The National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).  Passing easily she became a top level fitness trainer.  
While studying for her certificates she started three workout programs for women.  One was the Resistance Band Program, the other two were the Hip Thrusting and Cables Program and the Ultimate Program.  These programs were set up mainly to help women with their leg workouts.  
In 2013 she first appeared on Instagram and now has over a million followers.  
She has been influenced by her mother who is also a fitness trainer and learned a great deal growing up from watching her mother.  

The Set Up of The Programs

Jens Bikini Body Workouts

Brittany Resistance Band Program

With the Bikini Body Guide workout program you will be working 4 day per week for no more than 45 minutes per session.  Whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced in working out you will get good training from Jen Ferruggia herself teaching you updated workout material.  
Within her program she firmly believes you can transform your body within 60 days or if you are not satisfied you can get your money back with no questions asked.  
This is a 8 week program designed to be accomplished at home or at the gym.  Highly detailed photos that show you precisely how to do each exercise along with the number of reps and set you will be performing to see the results you are seeking.  
Brittany herself will be teaching you how to do each resistance band exercise and absolutely believes by the end of the program you will have given your body a makeover if you are committed and determined.  

What You Get Along With The Price

Jens Price $29.99

Brittany Price $49.99

  • A complete nutrition program designed to work with your workout routine.  You will not walk around starving and be limited to salads.  This is not a calorie counting diet system.
  • The exercises used in this program are set up in a manner to get a great workout in a short amount of time so you can get other activities accomplished in your daily life.
  • The workouts are built to be useful and fun at the same time.  As you move through the system you are constantly challenged so you do not get bored or stagnant.
  • A shopping list that you can use to buy the ingredients necessary for the dishes you will be making.
  • Supplement guide to help you in getting the body you desire.  There are not many supplements but only a few that will be beneficial.  
  • You can workout from home or at the gym with this program.  If working out from home minimal equipment is needed.
  • With over 50 videos to watch and learn from you can access from either home, at the gym, or on a business trip if necessary.
  • Muscle groups such as your abs, legs, arms, and glutes will be worked out in a balanced manner to see great results in all areas.
  • The 21 day booty blast is included to put the finishing touches on your body transformation.  
  • If you are not fully happy you have 60 days from purchase to get a refund no questions asked.
  • This 8 week program can be recycled repeatedly.
  • Once you purchase the program you will instantly be able to download detailed photos of each exercise you will be performed along with sets and reps to see the best results.
  • Because Brittany is known for her glutes she includes special instruction on how to maximize gains in your back end with unique stretching techniques.  
  • Access to Brittany’s private online Instagram account showing video presentations on all exercises in the program.
  • Includes a list of cardio High Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT) circuits that are optional.
  • Important nutrition tips  with meal plan preparation of over a dozen meal ideas.  The great thing about this is you will have flexibility on what foods you will be able to enjoy.
  • This workout program can be performed at home or at the gym.  If using this exercise routine from home you will need only a resistance band set, and a muscle ball which is optional.  
  • Brittany is a hands on instructor and will guide you in a manner to keep you motivated and getting the best workout possible.  There will be nothing to guess and high definition pictures will ensure you are doing the exercises properly to avoid injury.
  • You can print this workout program out as well.

What is Good About Jen's Program

What is Good About Brittany's Program

  • Price:  For the price of this product you get so much in return.  Most other programs i looked at charge more for extras where this one gives you everything you need to be successful for $29.99.
  • Easy to follow exercise formula: To eliminate guessing.  All exercises are illustrated in full detail.  Anyone who purchases the program whether advanced or a beginner will understand how to do each exercise to get maximum results and avoid injury.
  • Over 50 videos to choose from: This is important because it allows you to look how each exercise i being performed.  If you do not understand you can stop and back up to pick up what you missed to make sure you are dong correct movements.  it also makes you feel like you have a partner if you are working out from home.
  • Nutrition Guide: You get this in the purchase price without having to add it on like most other programs.  Aslo includes a shopping list to purchase the correct foods for your training.
  • Gym or Home: Workouts can be performed at home or at the gym.  
  • What is really good about this program is that Brittany Perille Yobe shows many great examples of what exercises are good for working out your legs, glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  She is the expert on lower body training.  She leads by example pouring her heart and soul into the workouts she is doing that particular moment.  If you watch her pictures and videos on social media closely you can see the determination that she possesses during her trainings. 
  • If you decide to do the workouts from home all you really need is a set of resistance bands.  For about 20 dollars or so you can get online.  If you do not have that much it is possible to make some resistance bands out of pantyhose that she shows you how online.  
  • It is easy to see why Brittany she has over a million and a half followers on social media.  She is not just a pretty face fluffing her way to stardom and making money.  She has been doing this for almost a decade and has rock solid workouts to prove her point.  That is enough proof for me.  

What Could Be Better About Jen's Program

What Could Be Better About Brittany's Program

  • If you do decide to workout from home you will have to purchase a set of dumbbells and resistance bands.  However she does say that if you do not have funds you can do body weight exercises without any equipment and still see results.  
  • If you decide to purchase  Brittany’s resistance band training program there is no money back guarantee.  
  • Even though there is a nutrition plan it is limited and no shopping list is provided either.  

Conclusion - Which Workout Program Is Worth The Money?

Both of these programs are a positive means for women to get fit and see results even with limited time to focus on doing so.  It is a fact that many women simply are being stretched in different directions because of work, parenting, making meals, doing laundry, cleaning house, and many other responsibilities.  The good news about these two programs is that if you can free up about 45 minutes a day and 4 days a week you will get the summer body you are looking for.  What it is going to take is hard work and sticking with it when you are not quite like feeling like getting that workout in after a long day.  Both of these ladies are great at making sure you stay motivated throughout the course of their programs.  
I did notice that Bikini Body Workouts within their website had many testimonials of women who has had success with the Bikini Body Workout program.  
The Bikini Body Workout Program is less expensive and you do get more of a complete system.  A more complete nutrition plan and workouts to choose from in the members area.  

Please Let Me View Jen's Bikini Body Workout Guide

Please Let Me View Brittany's Resistance Band Workout Program

If you would like to view this product please click here.

If you would like to view go to http://brittanyperille.com/my-programs/resistance-band-program