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Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts vs. Lauren Simpson’s Shred Program

There are many different workout styles when it comes to working out.   The truth of the matter is that none of them are wrong.  Any workout that gets your heart pumping and body sweating is a good workout.  
Both women and men benefit greatly from a workout regiment in which they follow a weekly routine.  This is not only good for your physique but also for your mind and spirit as well.  
More and more women are working out from home because of time constraints and truthfully you can get great workouts doing so.  If you are new to working out there is a learning curve to doing so.  Which exercises are best?  

Lauren Simpson Beginnings

Usually when a person starts a workout routine it is because they are overweight and need to lose a few pounds.  With Lauren Simpson that was not the issue.  It was actually the opposite for her.  
Lauren always loved working out.  Growing up in Sidney Australia she as a youngster loved outdoor activities.  In high school Lauren participated in many sports and after graduating went to college and upon getting her degree at age 20 landed her first job as a HR Coordinator at a financial firm.

After College

Now one would think that finishing with a college degree at the age of 20 would be a great thing.  I for one did not graduate until the age of 25.  But Lauren found herself miserable.  She was working at a job she found boring and while turning to working out for some sense of happiness found she was still struggling both physically and emotionally. 
Lauren had a skinny frame to begin with and usually her workouts were consisting of cardio vascular only.  While she love to train she was only doing the treadmill.  She on top of this was only eating 1000 calories per day.  Hardly enough for your body to function at a healthy manner.  

Watershed Moment

Because of being extremely underweight anxiety started to creep into Lauren’s life.  Skipping social functions with friends and family had many people close to her worried. 
She had the drive to workout at a high level and dreamed of being a top flight athletic personality in the physical fitness industry but had no knowledge of weight training or nutrition.  
Lauren was age 24 now and decided to hire a fitness instructor who knew about weight training and nutrition.  When she decided to do this everything changed. 
Her dreams started to become reality as less than two years later won the INBA Southern Cross Championships in April 2015.  She later that same month won the overall title in the 2015 INBA Sydney Super Bodies show.  Later that same night she received her biggest gift of all – her pro card.  


Lauren Simpson's Shred Program $139.00

What a quick rise this has been for Lauren Simpson.  In warp speed she has become one of the leading female trainers in the workout industry with over 1.8 million followers.  
Being a leading fitness trainer Lauren has come out with her shred program which has been very successful for her and her followers.  We will now dive into what is in the program and if it is right for you the reader to purchase.  

What Is Included In The Shred Program?

So what is the purpose of the Shred Program?  Let’s peak behind the curtain and take look.
  1. This is a 8 week program that focuses on fat loss while maintaining or building muscle mass at the same time.  
  2. Lauren also includes cardio vascular activities to help build your endurance and your total body conditioning.
  3. The focus is on making sure you are doing each of the exercises Lauren is teaching correctly.  Key exercises that are done with strict form will give you superior results compared to those who don’t.  It also is beneficial to use proper form to avoid injury.  It is not about how much you lift but using a manageable weight to ensure the muscle group you are working out gets properly trained.  
  4. If you are a beginner you may feel a little overwhelmed if you are starting out at a local gym.  Using Lauren’s system will guide you to the point you will feel confident in yourself when being among others and doing the exercises being asked of using this product.
  5. Both experienced lifters and beginners alike can use this program and see results and get new content weekly.
  6. Can be used both at home or at the gym.

What Could Be Better About The Shred Program

  1. A meal plan is not included in the original price.  You have to pay a extra 60 dollars to obtain a detailed recipe plan five days a week.  
  2. The glutes workout is not included in the shred program as well. This is a extra 55 dollars.
  3. Once you have completed the 8 week training, you will have 2 additional weeks to download the program to your computer or you will lose it completely.  
  4. There is no money back guarantee

Jen Ferruggia's Bikini Body Program $29.99

Jen Ferruggia first started developing this workout regiment while in college.  She was a standout softball player who during her freshman year gained a substantial amount of weight because of partying and eating unhealthy.  
Determined to change her lifestyle and conform to time constraints between school work and being a athlete she came up with a system that was successful.  
With a blueprint on how to devise her time once she completed college with a degree in Exercise Movement she went on to train other high profile clients and eventually started the bikini body workout program.  If you would like a full review of this program please click here.

What Is Included In This Program?

Jen Ferruggia has been a staple in the fitness industry for a while now.  How has she maintained her presence?  By putting out quality content that is useful and beneficial to women’s health.  What is included in this program?
  1. This is not a diet program.  You will not be running around hungry.  You will through the workouts transform your body to one of admiration and a feeling of confidence.
  2. Whether you are a experienced weightlifter or have never touched a weight at all, this program can help you to see changes right now.  
  3. This training program allows you the flexibility to workout either at home or at the gym.  If working out from home you will need only a set of dumbbells and a set of resistance bands.  
  4. There are over 50 videos in the members area showing how to burn fat in a quick easy to follow training regiment that keeps time spent to a minimum getting the most out of each workout.  Jen herself is the one video showing how to do each training.
  5. The great news about this program is that there is a nutrition plan with great meals designed to coincide with your training to burn fat and taste delicious.  Also is included is a supplement list to help aid transforming your physique to one to be admired.  With so many supplements to choose from Jen tells you which are worth purchasing. Lastly you also get a shopping list to make sure you buy the ingredients necessary to make your meals wholesome and nutritious at the same time.
  6. To make sure your body is complete the system includes a 21 day booty blast to make sure every part of your body is accounted for.  

Which Program Is Right For You?

Jen Ferruggia pictured above has developed a program for all women to use and see their desires become reality if you follow the guidance of Jen herself.  The one thing to remember is that you must be determined and work hard.  If you are going to cut corners then maybe you should not consider either program because you won’t get the results you want.
The thing that is great about Jen Ferruggia’s program is that you get a lot of value for $29.99.  You get online video’s, a detailed workout plan for both the gym or at home, a nutrition plan, shopping list, supplement list, plus a glute workout.  If you choose Lauren Simpson’s Shred Program on the other hand there is a add on cost for everything outside of the basic program itself above $139.00 cost.
If money is no object then Lauren Simpson has a great program.  It is designed well and you will get great instruction and you will see results in the eight weeks you are doing the training.  She is a great instructor and her workouts speak for themselves.  
I always say that any workout plan available for purchase that has stood the test of time has merit.  Both of these programs have been tried and proven by countless testimonials both of these programs have allowed there followers to show.  
To purchase Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts Program please please click here.
To Purchase Lauren Simpson’s Shred Program please go to laurensimpsonfitness.com

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