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Which Is A Better Program For You? Heather Marsh’s Body Confidence Challenge or Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts

Who Is Heather Marsh?

Growing up Heather Marsh never envisioned a career it the  competitive fitness model industry.  After all she really did not start taking working out seriously until 2010. At that point she was around the age of 19.  
Up until that point she grew up in the country but after starting to go to gym with her husband she started to develop a strong connection to all the benefits that working out has to offer.  
Fast forward to 2020 and Heather Marsh now has close to 100k Instagram followers and is just scratching her potential. 
Her breakthrough came in 2015 when she won her pro card after competing in Las Vegas at a WBFF (World Beauty Fitness Fashion) sanctioned event. 
She won first place in her division as well as her pro card.  It was a risk that paid off for her. 

Body Confidence Challenge

Heather Marsh main focus is to help all moms around the world to become their absolute best emotionally and physically.  
Because of time constraints placed on many working moms it is becoming more of a problem to balance family life and finding breaks in the day to workout and stay fit and healthy.  
This is where the Body Confidence Challenge comes in.  With busy moms in the thoughts of this program it is geared to help you get a quick workout in from home or at the gym.  
Heather Marsh’s body confidence challenge is designed to pinpoint precise workouts for each women to complete on a weekly basis for 8 weeks consecutively.  At the end of this time frame it is believed you will see a different person when you look in the mirror.  
To help aid women in this process is a built in meal plan to show precisely which foods are best to eat during this time frame.  The Body Confidence challege takes all the guesswork out of the equation to allow one to focus on the training being implemented to ensure the results you want to see.

What is the Cost of the Body Confidence Challenge

The cost of this workout program is $179.00 if purchased by July 29th.  If purchased after this date the cost is $199.00.  

What is the Body Confidence Challenge start date?

The program starts August 4th and runs for 8 weeks as stated above.  During this time women will be able to get specific direction from a proven fitness expert who is committed to helping ladies of all ages battling time constraints because of a hectic lifestyle.  

What Type of Workouts Will You Be Doing?

While it is not exactly known the specific workouts that you will be doing, Heather Marsh will be sure to ensure you will be doing each exercise properly.  To ensure this happens she believes it is better to use light wight when weight training to make sure you are using strict form to avoid injury and get the most out of each exercise. 
Once you are comfortable with the exercises and using proper form heavier weight will be introduced.  Heather like many professional trainers believe keeping your workouts changing will keep your muscles guessing.  This will create faster muscle growth and a overall better workout.  
If you are going to be purchasing the Body Confidence Challenge and working out from home minimal equipment will be needed.  The workouts are designed to be quick and to the point to maximize time and give a great workout.  
To access this program please go to: www.heathermarshfit.com

Jen Ferruggia's Bikini Body Workouts Program

Jen Ferruggia is a former college softball player who has a degree in exercise movement.  While in college she found herself unhappy with the way she looked and felt because of schoolwork and obligations to her softball team.  
It did not help that her freshman year she was partying to much.  As result the seeds for the development of Bikini Body Workouts was formed.  

What Does Bikini Body Workouts Offer?

Jen Ferruggia put this workout program together much for the same reason as Heather Marsh is putting together her workout programs.  To help women to get and stay in shape even though time is limited in their daily lives.  
To achieve this a comprehensive workout program has been put together.  Included in this program is as follows.  
  • Over 50 videos in the members area to see how each exercise is being performed to ensure each exercise is being done correctly and avoid injury.
  • A workout guide for the purpose of knowing how many set of each exercise to perform, how many reps to do and what exercises to do for each workout.  
  • A meal plan and shopping list is also included to know what foods are essential for getting the most out of each workout.  Meals are easy to make and believe it or not you will not be counting calories.  This is not a diet.  The shopping list makes sure you don’t walk through the grocery store aimlessly trying to figure out what to purchase to make your meals.  
  • Supplement guide is there to help aid in  your desire to achieve your goals and not waste your money on pills that don’t work.  
  • To read my full review of Bikini Body Workouts please click here.

Testimonials of the Bikini Body Workout Program

This program has produced many happy results for thousands of women who have taken the step and try this program.  It has been around for more than five years so it has stood the test of time proving it is not a here today gone tomorrow formula.  

What is the Cost of Bikini Body Workouts?

The cost of this full system is only $29.99.  The value of this program is great considering all the material you get to help you achieve the goals you desire.  
One work of caution however is that you will need to work hard no matter which program you decide to purchase.  If you think it is going to happen with little effort then you should probably save your money.  
To purchase Bikini Body Workouts please please click
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