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Jenna Myers Fitness Plans or Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts Program – Which is Better For You?

Living in South Florida with her boy friend and two puppies, Jenna Myers probably never thought life would be going this well.  Mainly because for quite a while leading up to 2015 it was very mixed with plenty of ups and downs.  

Jenna Myers Early Years

Growing up Jenna Myers was always a little self conscious about how tall she was.  Most of her friends were short and petite and she was tall (5’9″).  This led to her trying to stay on a calorie count of 1200 calories per day.  
This type of calorie counting was especially the case when she went on vacations with her friends or family.  Prior to going she would workout only doing cardio and abdominal workouts to get a chiseled stomach and keep her body thin.  
This type of training worked but it also set up Jenna to fail when she would come home from her trip.  More often than not she would come back from a trip and cut back her workouts and even though she was trying to stay on a calorie count of 1200 she admits to cheating badly.
Now it is very easy to understand why you would want to cheat because when you are hungry it is impossible to not eat.  Late night snacking and eating wrong all contributed to Jenna not feeling her best both physically and emotionally.  

A Time of Reckoning For Jenna Myers

The beginning of 2015 was a watershed moment for Jenna.  She decided to start training on a regular bases with her boyfriend and this time start training with weights and cut back on the cardio.  What came out of this change was Jenna feeling the best she had ever felt in her life.  
She felt stronger and fitter.  She also felt so much more confident in her herself not only her physique but also mentally as well.  She says that the first few months of this training regiment was the most dramatic change her body ever saw from going from losing fat to gaining muscle.  
Fast forward to 2020 and Jenna Myers not only has over 200k followers on social media but also countless women she has trained to help them reach their potential and goals of getting the summer body they want not only to look good but also to feel good.  

Jenna Myers Workout Plans

Jenna Myers maybe is the only fitness model to have a day job and do fitness training on the side.  With a degree in Business Marketing she is a Business Analysts and Salesforce Administrator at a children’s education software company.  
When she is not doing her day job she is helping women reach their potential by offering online training classes by both individual instruction and customized plans to prerecorded workouts generalized for anyone to follow.  

Customized Plans

Each person who purchases one of the customized plans is given their own workout program to follow.  What is included?
  • An in depth look at your past diets to see what can be done different to see promising results.  
  • A look at Past workouts are also studied to see what can be taken and used to mix in with new exercises to get the most gain for each muscle group being trained.
  • An exercise plan is set up telling you when to do each body part and what days to do them during each week.  
  • The training programs also include HIIT training and cardio training along with core workouts.  
  • Jenna Myers also will send video’s to your email showing how to do specific exercises to make sure they are being correctly performed to avoid injury and get the most out of each workout.
  • Included also is a nutrition plan, supplement list, and grocery list.  This is important because the foods you eat go hand and hand with getting the most out of your workouts and seeing the results you want.  

What is the Cost of the Customized Plans?

  1. The first plan is 5 weeks long and cost $200.00 dollars.  With this cost comes the nutrition plan as well.  
  2. The cost of the 10 week program is $300.00 dollars.  With this cost comes the nutrition plan as well.
  3. There is no money back guarantee with this product.  
  4. To access the Jenna Meyers workout plan please go to jennameyersfitness.com

Jen Ferruggia’s Bikini Body Workouts Program

Jen Ferruggia is a former college softball player who has a degree in exercise movement.  While in college she found herself unhappy with the way she looked and felt because of schoolwork and obligations to her softball team.  
It did not help that her freshman year she was partying to much.  As result the seeds for the development of Bikini Body Workouts was formed.  

What Does Bikini Body Workouts Offer?

Jen Ferruggia put this workout program together much for the same reason as Jenna Myers  has put together her workout programs.  To help women to get and stay in shape even though time is limited in their daily lives.  
To achieve this a comprehensive workout program has been put together.  Included in this program is as follows.  
  • Over 50 videos in the members area to see how each exercise is being performed to ensure each exercise is being done correctly and avoid injury.
  • A workout guide for the purpose of knowing how many set of each exercise to perform, how many reps to do and what exercises to do for each workout.  
  • A meal plan and shopping list is also included to know what foods are essential for getting the most out of each workout.  Meals are easy to make and believe it or not you will not be counting calories.  This is not a diet.  The shopping list makes sure you don’t walk through the grocery store aimlessly trying to figure out what to purchase to make your meals.  
  • Supplement guide is there to help aid in  your desire to achieve your goals and not waste your money on pills that don’t work.  
  • To read my full review of Bikini Body Workouts please click here.

Testimonials of the Bikini Body Workout Program

This program has produced many happy results for thousands of women who have taken the step and try this program.  It has been around for more than five years so it has stood the test of time proving it is not a here today gone tomorrow formula.  

What is the Cost of Bikini Body Workouts?

The cost of this full system is only $29.99.  The value of this program is great considering all the material you get to help you achieve the goals you desire.  
One work of caution however is that you will need to work hard no matter which program you decide to purchase.  If you think it is going to happen with little effort then you should probably save your money.  
To purchase Bikini Body Workouts please please click
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