Michael	Kzeski


My website is a online resource run by me (Michael James).  I have this website to help individuals who want to learn different exercise routines.

I have been working out my entire life since i can remember.     I grew up loving the sport of basketball and played everyday in my driveway from the time i was eight years old until going to college.  I would regularly shovel the driveway during the winter months and practice outside.  I loved being outdoors.

During college i grew more into weight training and learning about ways to get stronger.  I really enjoyed learning how to develop different muscle groups.  The first gym i worked out was at a local YMCA.

The weight equipment was in the basement.  It was a older facility and no matter if it was winter or summer it was extremely hot.  You would have a third quarter sweat going in no time.  I loved that place.

It really did not have a lot of equipment.  Dumbbells, a few benches, and machine that had a leg press, shoulder and triceps bar, and back machine.  It was all connected.  The room also had a squat rack and some plates to do bench presses with.  However it was enough to get me started.

After doing this for about seven years i then came to the realization that was wasting valuable time driving to and from the facility on a regular basis and thought about alternatives.  My time was limited as it was.  I decided to buy some dumbbells and work with those.  They were on 25 pounds but i did many different exercises with them.  I bought myself a mat and just worked out in my room.

If i get tired of working out in my room i go to a different spot in the house like the basement or even outside.  Sometimes you have to change your environment so the workouts don’t get stale.

What this website hopes to accomplish is to give valuable information about different workout programs,  different workout equipment, and dieting and nutritional supplements.  If you are trying to gain strength for a particular sport i hope to have different training tips on that as well.

Thank you for taking time to look over this website.  Hopefully it will be useful to giving good instruction.